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Drocella is an inspirational keynote speaker, master storyteller, and woman of faith.

Through speaking, corporate consulting and coaching, Drocella teaches leaders and change makers real-life, actionable solutions and inclusive strategies to living and leading with love and empathy, resilience and faith for success.


Serenity Studio

It is not what happens to you that matters.
It is how you respond that defines your life's course.


In 2008, I was forced to leave my home in Rwanda and everything I'd ever earned and loved because of oppression and persecution. Overnight, my life turned upside down. I was left with nothing but my faith and previous experience to draw on.

Without my family or any money, I saw only one choice: Adapt and create. Over the course of two painful - and transformative years - I rebuilt my entire life from the ground up.

I know what it's like to face unimaginable challenge. I know what it's like to have change thrust upon you. I know what it's like to feel afraid, confused, and alone. 

For over a decade, I've been helping people around the world navigate the emotional, physical, relational, and financial challenges that come with change. 

I want to help you.


How to Partner with Drocella

Building relationships is at the core of everything Drocella does. Working together means partnering in achieving your goals and facilitating transformation.


Book Drocella for your upcoming event. Whether live or virtual, Drocella ensures your audience leaves inspired, encouraged, and ready to transform their lives through her powerful message of living with resilience, empathy, and faith. With extensive experience delivering keynotes online and in-person, Drocella's professionalism and customized message ensures you achieve your unique objectives.


Based on her upcoming book,  From Exile to Executive, Drocella delivers a powerful, action-based training on how help refugees assimilate into new communities, optimize their strengths and unique experiences, and create a culture of true inclusivity. 




Change is one of life's universal experiences - and one of its most challenging. Drocella's customized coaching programs help individuals and organizations harness the power of change to achieve new levels of personal and professional success by providing tools and strategies for addressing resistance, reframing experiences, and creating an environment for transformation.

"I was impressed by Drocella Mugorewera from the moment I met her.  She has a depth of compassion and perception drawn from the pain and courage of uprooting her successful life to flee oppressive leadership, persecution, and personal danger.  Rather than turn inward, however, she harnessed her strength and determination to not just survive but to thrive in her new home in Knoxville.  She turned personal tragedy into a life of service for others.  Drocella has a compelling story to share and a wisdom borne from the deepest of human experiences."

- Mayor Madeline Rogero

Drocella is a Master Storyteller

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Connect to partner with Drocella for your next virtual or in-person event