From Exile to Executive




From Exile to Executive 


Over the past decade, Drocella has transformed her life - and by extension the lives of thousands - by going from an exile to business executive, entrepreneur, coach, and sought-after speaker. In her soon-to-be released book, From Exile to Executive, Drocella helps individuals navigate the disruption, stress, and confusion of adjusting and successfully integrating into a new place. In this workshop, Drocella dives deep into the 12 principles outlined in her book and helps participants craft their story and strategy as they settle into their new environment.

From Exile to Executive

12 Secrets for Integration in a New Country

To be successful, you must learn and associate yourself with successful people in your area of interest. No matter education, travel experience and language, it is easy to feel lost moving to a new country. For this reason, Drocella developed a course to help you begin your integration process in your new community the right way. Learn the proven step-by-step strategy that enabled Drocella to build new friendships, create new income streams and move from an entry level position to an Executive Director of a nonprofit that welcomed her.


  • Discovering your limiting beliefs.
  • The power of gratitude and embracing change.
  • Getting involved in your community.
  • Building relationships and networks
  • Mentorship
  • The dream
  • Personal development
  • Don't compare yourself to others
  • Taking responsibility for your decisions
  • Being authentic
  • The power of reading
  • Mastering the language


As a result of this workshop, audience members will:

  • Have a good understanding of the difference between integration and assimilation and keys for a successful integration in a new place.

  • Choose three actions to focus on for the next 6 months and chose an accountability partner

  • Learn techniques to initiate conversation with strangers

  • Gain vital information about how to navigate in the community and how they can search for essential services in their environment

  • Develop strategies to engage conversation with strangers and learn how to structure their story


  • Refugees and immigrants
  • Organizations assisting refugees and immigrants
  • Students aspiring to work with internationals
  • People who have recently or plan to relocate in new place



"Become your Best"


"Drocella is a truly warm-hearted lady and is really focused on helping others which is evident if you get to talk to her. Her openness and drive to help others to be the best version of themselves are amazing. As well as exuding confidence, her knowledge base, attention to detail, and experience as a refugee has enabled me to get a real sense of the steps that I needed to take in order to adapt to life in the USA and dream more into something tangible."


Eunice Nuna Psychotherapist and Life Coach





Five Reasons to Partner with Drocella

  1. She brings real world experience and expertise.
    Few can empathize like Drocella. From her personal experience as a refugee to her work with corporations, organizations, and individuals of all ages, Drocella has a holistic, diverse perspective on what it takes to lead and live with resilience and faith that the world needs.

  2. You get what you pay for and more.
    Drocella goal for every engagement is to "overpromise, overdeliver". She goes above and beyond to ensure every client has a simple, streamlined, personalized, and professional experience from start to finish.

  3. She is a master storyteller.
    As a certified "Master Storyteller" - with an amazing story to tell - Drocella will entertain and engage your audiences from the moment she enters the room. Many call her "a light upon the world" because she brings so much energy, hope, and love into every space she inhabits.

  4. Her reputation is backed by the best.
    Drocella's keynotes and presentations have received high acclaim from some of the most respected names in business and service.

  5. You will gain a friend.
    When you work with Drocella, you build a relationship. Clients regularly invite Drocella back again and again because of her engaging and actionable presentations and the joy she brings to every room she enters.

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