Lead with Empathy.
Build Relationships that Last.




Lead with Empathy.
Build Relationships that Last.

Over the past decade, Drocella has worked with corporations, non-profit and faith-based organizations, and government entities to help them build the kind leadership and organizational culture that inspires and invites the greatest talent and impacts the world. Her mentoring and coaching of hundreds of refugees from around the world, along with her unique personal experience, make her a leading expert on refugee integration, diversity and inclusion, and resilience. 

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Refugees are a blessing, not a burden


Today, common themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion are gaining awareness, yet the conversation around the world refugee crisis demands further attention. It is time to think deeply - and empathetically - about the reasons why refugees flee their countries (persecution, religion, political opposition, wars and violence being just a few) and our social responsibility to contribute to the solution. 

In this powerful and personal workshop, Drocella challenges the perception that refugees are a burden by presenting personal and research based examples of the tremendous social, cultural, and economic contributions of refugees and ways to capitalize on the strengths and experiences of refugees to realizing their full blessing.



In this session, audience members will:

  • Uncover/unlearn myths from different cultures, especially African.
  • Adopt strategies for faster and more effective integration.
  • Address difficult/hot topic related to gender, race, and cultural differences.
  • Learn step-by-step strategies proven to help anyone involved in solving the worldwide refugee crisis.



"Drocella’s passion is captivating. She commands attention when she speaks and it draws people in. It's a gift! Her narrative style conveys the emotion behind her message and makes her unforgettable.”


- Danielle Grigsby, Director of Policy & Practice, Refugee Council USA




Leading with Empathy:
The best model of leadership in the 21st century


There is a common saying that all falls on leadership. The truth is that all falls on relationships.

You can love people without leading them, but you cannot lead people without loving them. Leaders who know and care about the people they hire have a high level of retention, attract great employees, and have good reputation. Yet, leaders do not always invest in their people, resulting in poor performance, high turnover, and negative company culture.

Now, more than ever, leaders must be flexible, caring, and adaptable. In this incredibly relevant and useful presentation, Drocella discusses the impact of COVID-19 on organizations, shares measure to adapt and adjust, and leads groups through lessons learned as a leader during the pandemic. Plenary sessions allow audience members to share personal experiences and learn from fellow leaders.



As a result of this session, audience members will be able to:

  • Identify limiting beliefs to leading well through challenges and crisis
  • Learn key mindset and problem solving skills for addressing challenges
  • Create a stop, start, continue strategy for leading with empathy


"A Born Trailblazer" 


"Born trailblazers are not common but even rarer are born inspirers, and this describes Drocella beautifully. As a member of Refugee Congress’ Board of Directors, Drocella brings her full strength, knowledge, and passion to the governance and growth of our organization. Whether training a group or facilitating an event, her energy and optimism are infectious. She is a leader that brings positive change, and a person that people WANT to follow. Drocella will have a lasting impact on any project she takes on, and any organization would be fortunate to have her."

 - Nili Sarit Yossinger,
National Director of the Refugee Congress 



Graduation: The beginning of a new school

How to maximize personal strengths, experiences, and gifting to achieve true success in the workplace


Jim Rhon said: “Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.”

To become a great leader, you cannot rely on your schooling alone. You must develop essential soft skills, resilience, and a learning mindset. By exposing yourself to diverse and varied topics and perspectives, you connect and lead with more empathy and understanding and create powerful dynamics within teams. In other words, you become a transformative leader and more adaptable and resilient human being.

Drocella Mugorewera speaks from experience in this powerful keynote. A former member of parliament and government, Drocella lost her career and realized that her degree was not transferable to the future career she wished to pursue. By investing in personal development, Drocella created a path forward that allowed her to use her unique gifts and experiences to impact the world.



In this session, audience members will be able to:

  • Identify their gifts and how to apply them to their current situation
  • Adopt implementation strategies for getting hired
  • Develop a greater understanding of their purpose as a future leader
  • Understand how to expand their comfort zone to develop a more empathic and curious mindset 




"Drocella Mugorewera is a captivating speaker who weaves together evocative narratives and simple messaging in a way that is motivating and accessible, regardless of what your cultural background is. Listening to her speak on almost any subject leaves one feeling reflective of the past and optimistic about the future, all while being grounded and enthralled in the present."

- Nicole, graduate student and former AmeriCorps VISTA member




Dealing with change in nonprofit organization and corporations


There are two things we all have in common: time and change.

Whether we embrace or resist it, change happens constantly. The choice is yours to complain or to champion the change. No matter your leadership position, you are called to give more than what is required. Leaders must be equipped to respond with resilience – within themselves and the organization as a whole.

In this powerful presentation, Drocella tells her story of navigating unimaginable change and how she found direction and strength to rebuild her life in a new community, adapting to challenging and complicated situations along the way. Drawing on personal experience, Drocella reminds audiences that change is never easy; however, with the right tools, people, and systems it is manageable and possible to emerge after change stronger and more successful.



In this session, audience members will be able to:

  • Recommit to making change a daily companion
  • Develop a culture of embracing change within organizations
  • Adopt strategies for navigating the personal, organizational, and relational challenges of moving through change


"A Shining Light"

"When Drocella comes to the front of the room, get ready to experience something special. She brings a shining light of energy and enthusiasm that engages her audience from the start. As a speaker and trainer, Drocella combines an in-depth knowledge of her topic, with a natural ability to communicant with diverse audiences in a way that is warm, relatable, and encouraging. Her sessions are always interactive and insightful and, above all, instill in participants a belief in their own strengths and power." 

- Hilary Binder-Aviles, Nonprofit Consultant, Washington, D.C.




Five Reasons to Partner with Drocella

  1. She brings real world experience and expertise.
    Few can empathize like Drocella. From her personal experience as a refugee to her work with corporations, organizations, and individuals of all ages, Drocella's gained a unique, diverse perspective on leadership, resilience, and faith that the world needs.

  2. You get what you pay for and more.
    Drocella goal for every engagement is to "overpromise, overdeliver". She goes above and beyond to ensure every client has a simple, streamlined, personalized, and professional experience from start to finish.

  3. She is a master storyteller.
    As a certified "Master Storyteller" - with an amazing story to tell - Drocella will entertain and engage your audiences from the moment she enters the room. Many call her "a light upon the world" because she brings so much energy, hope, and love into every space she inhabits.

  4. Her reputation is backed by the best.
    Drocella's keynotes and presentations have received high acclaim from some of the most respected names in business and service.

  5. You will gain a friend.
    When you work with Drocella, you build a relationship. Clients regularly invite Drocella back again and again because of her engaging and actionable presentations and the joy she brings to every room she enters.

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